Sunday, February 19, 2012

Current Obsessions!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought I would write a post about a few things I have been loving the last week!
The first one is my new Modalu Artemis bag I am completely in love with. I would describe the colours as a baby light blue.
It was on sale at a Fiorelli (bag shop) near me and I was eyeing it up for quite some time. I was really lucky and got this bag as a gift for Valtentines's and my Birthay together from my lovely boyfirend Theo!

The bag is smaller than the bag I use as my everyday work bag. You can wear it on your arm but it also comes with a long strap to wear cross the body! It is the perfect weekend bag (big enough for a bottle of water and a magazine for tube travel).
I think this bag is gorgeous and will serve me well for the spring and summer season. My favourite combination to wear it so far is jeans, a dark blue blaser with at white shirt underneath and my lovely ankle boots from office, see below).
Don't you love the colour of it?

My next obsession which I am in love with are my Office Night Rush Ankle Boots in black and suede leather. I bought them completely on a whim after a long work day when I decided to hit the shops instead of going straight home (which is usually not a wise decision, because I always end up buying something)!

I know that everyone is going on about the Ambush Boots from Topshop (I still want them in brown) but when I saw those boots in office I just had to have them. First of all the heel is quite high (8cm compared to the 6.5cm of the Ambush Boots) but they have a platform inside which makes it easy to walk on them all day long.
They also have them with studs on the heel but I decided to opt for a more classic version in order to be able to wear them everyday to work (which I did).
I know that they are a bit on the pricy side, but I think they are an amazing boot and would buy them again for sure!

Now finally, on to the makeup. I went to space nk some time ago (again after work, there is some behavioural pattern here, LOL) and I checked out the new Nars spring collection. I have been loving their velvet matte lip pencils lately where I already have two. In the spring collection they feature a new colour of the velvet gloss lip pencils called Mexican Rose.
The colour is a glossy pink which is bright but not too bright if you know what I mean. I was hooked and got it. I have been wearing it every day since then and love it.

The finish of this is very glossy but when the gloss wears off you are still left with a stain, which I love.
I swatched it below in comparison to Mac's Viva Glam Cyndy, which was limited edition and many people love as well. I have to say that I prefer the shade of Mexican Rose because it is a bit more to the pinky side than Viva Glam Cyndi which is more on the redisch side.
I think Mexican Rose suits me better but that is just my personal opinion. One thing I found is that Mexican Rose leaves quite the stain after I removed the swatches from my hand. It was quite hard to get it off my hand completely even using a makeup wipe. For me that is a good thing, others will hate that.

Viva Glam Cyndi is the top swatch, Mexican Rose below! If you already have Viva Glam Cyndi you might not wanna bother looking into Mexican Rose. If you always wanted Cyndi but did not get around to buy it than Mexican Rose is a good bet.
I love it.

So long...


  1. LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!! I adore the half/half texture trend. Yum!

    1. thanks deniz! they have them in quite a few versions( studs, leopard print,...)! xx

  2. The boots are amazing! I really want to have the brown Ambush boots too but somehow they changed the sizes and now they don't have mine anymore :( And the colour of your bag is beautiful, so perfect for spring and summer!

    1. Thank you! Oh, i need to check the brown Ambush boots out again if they changed the sizes! :( xx