Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday OOTD 2

I had a great weekend actually doing nice stuff! Sometimes I am so tired and end up staying at home most of one day of the weekend which is nice, but this weeked I went shopping on Saturday and to Theo's (my boyfriend) band rehearsal on Sunday.

When Deniz tweeted me if I am up to meet Christiana and to go shopping my straight answer was "hell yeah"!
It was my first time visiting the Westfield in White City. I have been to the new one in Stratford before but never in the central one so I was quite excited. I had a great company, Christiana from cosmeticjunkie17 and Deniz from denizandmakeup. Christiana is on a road trip through Europe and London was her first stop. It was really nice meeting her but ever so surreal meeting someone you think you kind of know from YouTube in real-life.

So here is what I wore that day!

Coat: French Conncetion (Sale)
Scarf: Zara (last season)
Bag: Fiorelli (last season)
Swan Sweater: Camden Market
Light Blue Jeans: River Island Link!
Ankle Boots: "Night Rush" from Office Link!

I love those jeans from River Island. The fit is amazing and they are very strechy. I have a pair in black for some time now but when I saw those light blue babies I could not pass them up. Especially as they were reduced to 20 pounds! I think the colour of them is amazing. It is a very light blue but still has a puch and it is unlike any other coloured jeans I have seen in other shops this season. I like them so much that on the day I bought another pair in a pinky, salmon colour. I think they are perfect for spring and you can pair it with brown accessoires as well as black (as I did here) and/or white and for the brave ones under use you could go for colour blocking. At the moment I will stick to the light blue/black combination as I do not feel the spring vibe as much just yet!

So far, so good!



  1. So fun!! And the the outfit was GORGEOUS!!