Monday, February 6, 2012

IMATS 2012

I was very lucky this year! Sue ( asked some of my friends I met through YouTube and me to contribute as make-up models for Make Up Atelier Paris! (Thanks so much Sue, I had an amazing time)

Of course we could not pass this offer as we all got a free ticket AND make-over at the show.
On the 4th February I had to get up early. Even earlier than the time I have to get up during the week to go to work, but there are things you have to do in the name of make-up! I even decided not to bother putting a whole face of make-up on as I would have to take it all off before my make-over anyhow, so I braved the world so early which only some concealer on! Thank god the starbucks at my station was open already to get a huge skinny cap for the journey!

This picture was taken after my make-over by the lovely Kerry (second left)
From left to right: Diane, Kerry, Me, Snig and Kelly
You should definitely follow their blog, they all have YouTube channels as well! :)

 In front of the PAM stand where me met the lovely Louise Young.
Of course I was photographed with yet another cappucino! ;)

 There was some crazy but AMAZING make-up going on!

 Kelly's turn for being made-over.

 Kelly and Cami, who arrived a bit later as she had the last (but not least) slot of the day.

 Cami and Snig from left to right.

I had such a great day and it was well worth it having to get up so early on a Saturday.
Stay posted for the haul pictures and swatches that will be the next post tomorrow or the day after!
I also will have a video showing you what I got coming up soon.

So far, so good!



  1. Love the cross eyed pic of me :D Hehehe!

    Hope to see you soon, I had such a lovely day with you :)

    Kelly x

    1. haha!it is not that cross eyed! i would not even notice! :D
      hope to see you soon too!

  2. The article is very nice! I like much. A strong embrace from Spain.

  3. The eyes on that girl is crazy, I wonder how they managed to do that. Such a great post, can't wait to see more.