Monday, July 29, 2013

Empties #4: Products I have used up

Here is my empties video mentioning all the products I have used up in the last 6 months! Can you believe that mountain of products?!
If you are not interested in hair colours, please go to 5:30 of this video. For foundations go to 15:30. Also, I am wearing a top, I promise.
Thumbs up if you like Empties videos! :)

Hope you enjoy!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Nail Combo - The Classics: Strawberry Margarita and Bubble Bath by OPI (including a flip flop rant)

Manicure in Strawberry Magarita by OPI - thelipstickdiaries

Strawberry Magarita is my go-to pink for a manicure. It is so flattering and just right. Not too bright, not too blue toned, just perfect. It's a perfect everyday summer pink.

If you can not take looking at bare feet - DO NOT SCROLL FURTHER DOWN!

Pedicure in Bubble Bath by OPI - thelipstickdiaries

I do like Bubble Bath by OPI on my hands and on my feet. It gust gives this perfect groomed look and is very neutral. This summer I have been loving brightly coloured shoes and bags (check my instagram @lipstickupdates for heaps of pictures) so I opted for something neutral to fit all sandals. 

Talking of sandals, last year on holidays, I discovered my love for Ipanema flip flops. I have never heard of that brand before but in Greece everyone wears them. And yes, I have had Havaianas before but let me tell you: Ipanema flip flops are ALOT better. They are a lot softer than havaianas and are pre-moulded to be more comfortable. And isn't that blue stone in the flag pretty cute too?

Give them a try and you will be surprised!

So long...


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The little white dress - Weekend OOTD

In hot weather it's best to keep it simple!
Take a cute little white dress, add some colorful accessories (in this case the bag, nails and bracelet) and you are ready to go! 
I have to admit that I find the French connection sale one of the best. Their clothes are very high quality and on the pricey side but when there is a sale I always buy myself a couple of treats, such as this cute cotton dress (on sale now) and this beautiful silk maxi dress I got recently.

The little white dress - thelipstickdiaries

The little white dress OOTD - thelipstickdiaries
French Connection Seville Cotton Dress (on sale now), 
Whistles bag (similar, smaller one here), 
Sandals no name from last year, Sunglasses Rayban Aviators, 
Pandora Bracelet, Other Bracelets by thelipstickdiaries (some available here)

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather as I am :)

So long...


Monday, July 15, 2013

I am car-booting!

Capital Car Boot Sale - thelipstickdiaries

View from my stand at the car boot sale - thelipstickdiaries

My Car Boot - thelipstickdiaries

I started car-booting!

Theo started working each weekend about 8 months ago and therefore I had to entertain myself each weekend. Most of my friends do have a boyfriend to spend their Sundays with. So basically I searched for a fun way to get out and do something useful.

I used to go to car boot sales as a visitor looking to buy some unique finds but then it dawned on me that I would have a LOT of things to sell myself and this is how it started...

There are loads of car boot sales going on in London. There is one in Battersea and Chiswick which both are really popular but I like to sell at the Capital Car Boot Sale in Pimlico. Its easy to get to and it does not start so early. It is also a bit more quit which I like. The rent varies from £6-£30 and depends on the equipment you need and if you want your stall to be inside or outside. You can rent rails and tables or just walk in and put everything on the floor. 

Each Sunday I go, I usually make between £60-£80 pounds which is quite a significant pocket money to spend on new things. I sell old shoes I don't wear anymore, old clothes, bags, electronics (if I have something), makeup (i.e: glossybox bits I will never use), jewellery... basically everything I don't need anymore. Bags and makeup sell the best.

I have been really enjoying car-booting and already met some really nice people. It is a fun Sunday activity that makes quite a bit of extra money!

Will you be car-booting any time soon?

So long...


Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer OOTD: Silk Maxi Dress

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Summer OODT - thelipstickdiaries
Summer OODT - thelipstickdiaries
Summer OODT - thelipstickdiaries
Summer outfit - thelipstickdiaries
Jewellery, bracelets and bangles - thelipstickdiaries

French Connection Eden of Zola Silk Maxi Dress (on sale now), 
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Bag (similar here), 
Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals in Rose Gold, Sunglasses Calvin Klein from TK Maxx, 
Pandora Bracelet, Other Bracelets by thelipstickdiaries (some available here)
Ring and Necklace was a gift

The sun has finally come out for a whole day in the UK. What better occasion that to wear a silk maxi dress for a Suday lunch with the girls. I waited patiently until it was on sale but I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it. I really adore the pattern and the colour and the way it is made. I has a whole same coloured structured mid thigh lenght underskirt sewn in so it is not see through at all. 

I absolutely love it and will be wearing it lots with my rose gold bag and sandals. The perfect sunny Sunday outfit.

What did you wear this weekend?

So long...