Thursday, September 26, 2013

My jewellery line

So, what has been going on with my jewellery?

I have been building my jewellery business since two months now and I am enjoying every minute.
I spend most of my time designing, making and selling pieces at markets which is a whole learning curve and experience on its own. Check out this post on where to find me next.

My website is slowly but surely populating with more pieces and so is my etsy shop.
I have encountered (and still encounter) many difficulties and barriers along the way. The questions I had were many: which e-commerce solution to choose, how to integrate payment, what are the shipping rates, how to solder small chains without melting them, how to set up my market stall in the best way, what is a good way to package my pieces and many more.

Some questions have been solved and some I am still working on, for example how to take good pictures of my pieces. I am close to what I want but a white background without photoshopping still hasn't been achieved :(

So this is just a quick update an letting you know what I am doing and what might be the reason why my tweets have diminished lately.

If you are reading this and have experienced similar problems or have answers to some of my questions, I would really appreciate a comment :)

So long,...


Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to pack for a short holiday (hand luggage only!)

I often go away just a few days, so I became quite the expert in packing light! :)
Here is a video showing you what to pack when you travel with hand luggage only.

Hope you enjoy!