Sunday, February 19, 2012

Current Obsessions!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought I would write a post about a few things I have been loving the last week!
The first one is my new Modalu Artemis bag I am completely in love with. I would describe the colours as a baby light blue.
It was on sale at a Fiorelli (bag shop) near me and I was eyeing it up for quite some time. I was really lucky and got this bag as a gift for Valtentines's and my Birthay together from my lovely boyfirend Theo!

The bag is smaller than the bag I use as my everyday work bag. You can wear it on your arm but it also comes with a long strap to wear cross the body! It is the perfect weekend bag (big enough for a bottle of water and a magazine for tube travel).
I think this bag is gorgeous and will serve me well for the spring and summer season. My favourite combination to wear it so far is jeans, a dark blue blaser with at white shirt underneath and my lovely ankle boots from office, see below).
Don't you love the colour of it?

My next obsession which I am in love with are my Office Night Rush Ankle Boots in black and suede leather. I bought them completely on a whim after a long work day when I decided to hit the shops instead of going straight home (which is usually not a wise decision, because I always end up buying something)!

I know that everyone is going on about the Ambush Boots from Topshop (I still want them in brown) but when I saw those boots in office I just had to have them. First of all the heel is quite high (8cm compared to the 6.5cm of the Ambush Boots) but they have a platform inside which makes it easy to walk on them all day long.
They also have them with studs on the heel but I decided to opt for a more classic version in order to be able to wear them everyday to work (which I did).
I know that they are a bit on the pricy side, but I think they are an amazing boot and would buy them again for sure!

Now finally, on to the makeup. I went to space nk some time ago (again after work, there is some behavioural pattern here, LOL) and I checked out the new Nars spring collection. I have been loving their velvet matte lip pencils lately where I already have two. In the spring collection they feature a new colour of the velvet gloss lip pencils called Mexican Rose.
The colour is a glossy pink which is bright but not too bright if you know what I mean. I was hooked and got it. I have been wearing it every day since then and love it.

The finish of this is very glossy but when the gloss wears off you are still left with a stain, which I love.
I swatched it below in comparison to Mac's Viva Glam Cyndy, which was limited edition and many people love as well. I have to say that I prefer the shade of Mexican Rose because it is a bit more to the pinky side than Viva Glam Cyndi which is more on the redisch side.
I think Mexican Rose suits me better but that is just my personal opinion. One thing I found is that Mexican Rose leaves quite the stain after I removed the swatches from my hand. It was quite hard to get it off my hand completely even using a makeup wipe. For me that is a good thing, others will hate that.

Viva Glam Cyndi is the top swatch, Mexican Rose below! If you already have Viva Glam Cyndi you might not wanna bother looking into Mexican Rose. If you always wanted Cyndi but did not get around to buy it than Mexican Rose is a good bet.
I love it.

So long...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Of course if you are at IMATS (which I was last weekend) then you can't help yourself - provided that you love makeup and it is you main hobby - than buy ALOT!
So here is a blog post of what I bought was well as swatches so you can see better and decide for youself wheter you like one piece or the other.

I bought three brushes from bdellium tools. I have never heard of this brand before but when I tried them out at the stand they felt really heavy and good quality! I chose those three as they are all brushes that I don't own yet. They are all three quite unusual shapes.
The one on the top is similar to the Sonia Kashuk multipurpose flat top brush everyone on YouTube was talking about (Cami told me that). The second one is an angled face brush and I would use it for contouring or sweeping on powder and the last one is a duo fiber foundation brush which I thought was just excellent for cream blushes as it is not that big.
All three of them were under 10 pounds and so far I really like them.

From Makeup Atilier Paris I was given a clear lipglos and a lipstick they used on me when they did my mak-over (check out my previous post on that). The lipstick is in B07 natural and I really like the colour.

At the PAM booth I got two things, a MUFE aqua lip pencil in 15C (see swatch above) and the Louise Young essential eye palette. Both products I wanted to try for some time.Because both products have been raved about by Pixiwoo a few times and they always make we want to get things. So far I am not disappointed! The Louise Yound palette has all the essential matte eyeshadows one could need and they are very pigmented and the MUFE lip pencil just stays on forever. :)

Above are four NYX auto pencils! The first two for eyes (dark brown and silver) and the last two for lips (natural and burgundy). They were all under two pounds so I got a few of them. For the price the quality is really good and the packaging very sleek.

More NYX products!
I got two soft matte lip creams (addis ababa and amsterdam) because they reminded me of the collection2000 cream puffs which I absolutely adore. The have similar packaging and smell exactly the same (nice heavy vanilla scent). I got two very colourful colours as the cream puffs come only in four colours that are quite neutral. The big swatch is a tinted lip spa from NYX in Sake which I really like. I also got a NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. And yes, I know they crease on the lid (thanks for telling me Snig) but I will use it more in the inner corner of my eye and as a brow highlight.

 Next: three illamasqua nail polishes for 5 pounds each. The yellow one does not have a name for some reason but the pink one is called Loella and the orange one Whack.

 Illamasqua pencils from left to right: Feisty, Cane and Rowdy.

Illamasqua Cream blushes in Libido (red) and Sob (pink).

 I aslo got an Illamasqua foundation because I thought for 7,50 pounds I might as well.  I got the light liquid foundation in LF 133. So far I am not very impressed with it as it goes on quite funny and streacky and does not blend well into the skin. I will try it out with a few different brushed to see.

I also got a freedom palette from Inglot. The colours from left to right are: D.S. 459, AMC 54, AMC 55, MATTE 357 and MATTE 390. I really like those, especially the matte coulours.

Have you visited IMATS?
If yes, what did you get?
I know I got ALOT but I acutally saved up to be able to buy some stuff and some of the products had ridiculous discounts so it would have been a shame not to jump at the opportunity to buy some things I have never tried, wouldn't it?

So far, so good!


Monday, February 6, 2012

IMATS 2012

I was very lucky this year! Sue ( asked some of my friends I met through YouTube and me to contribute as make-up models for Make Up Atelier Paris! (Thanks so much Sue, I had an amazing time)

Of course we could not pass this offer as we all got a free ticket AND make-over at the show.
On the 4th February I had to get up early. Even earlier than the time I have to get up during the week to go to work, but there are things you have to do in the name of make-up! I even decided not to bother putting a whole face of make-up on as I would have to take it all off before my make-over anyhow, so I braved the world so early which only some concealer on! Thank god the starbucks at my station was open already to get a huge skinny cap for the journey!

This picture was taken after my make-over by the lovely Kerry (second left)
From left to right: Diane, Kerry, Me, Snig and Kelly
You should definitely follow their blog, they all have YouTube channels as well! :)

 In front of the PAM stand where me met the lovely Louise Young.
Of course I was photographed with yet another cappucino! ;)

 There was some crazy but AMAZING make-up going on!

 Kelly's turn for being made-over.

 Kelly and Cami, who arrived a bit later as she had the last (but not least) slot of the day.

 Cami and Snig from left to right.

I had such a great day and it was well worth it having to get up so early on a Saturday.
Stay posted for the haul pictures and swatches that will be the next post tomorrow or the day after!
I also will have a video showing you what I got coming up soon.

So far, so good!