Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Nail Combo - The Classics: Strawberry Margarita and Bubble Bath by OPI (including a flip flop rant)

Manicure in Strawberry Magarita by OPI - thelipstickdiaries

Strawberry Magarita is my go-to pink for a manicure. It is so flattering and just right. Not too bright, not too blue toned, just perfect. It's a perfect everyday summer pink.

If you can not take looking at bare feet - DO NOT SCROLL FURTHER DOWN!

Pedicure in Bubble Bath by OPI - thelipstickdiaries

I do like Bubble Bath by OPI on my hands and on my feet. It gust gives this perfect groomed look and is very neutral. This summer I have been loving brightly coloured shoes and bags (check my instagram @lipstickupdates for heaps of pictures) so I opted for something neutral to fit all sandals. 

Talking of sandals, last year on holidays, I discovered my love for Ipanema flip flops. I have never heard of that brand before but in Greece everyone wears them. And yes, I have had Havaianas before but let me tell you: Ipanema flip flops are ALOT better. They are a lot softer than havaianas and are pre-moulded to be more comfortable. And isn't that blue stone in the flag pretty cute too?

Give them a try and you will be surprised!

So long...



  1. Love the colours! Perfect combo. As I've said before, you have princess feet! Delicate, feminine, "well aligned toes". hehe One I can stand looking at (and I'm very urgh of looking at bare feet).

  2. Strawberry Margarita is one of my favorite shades! I love the bubble bath color as well. These are my go to nail shades, but I like light colors on my nails and brighter pinks on my toes. lol

    xoxo Stacy