Sunday, May 13, 2012

OPI Gel Manicure - A good man-darin is hard to find

Every six weeks or so and when I am planning to go on holiday where I don't want to bother about my nails I will get a gel or shellac manicure at a small independent salon near my office.
They charge 30 pounds for it (which is a good price I think).

The whole procedure lasts for about an hour. First, the nail polish you already had on will be taken off and your nails are filed in the right shape. Then the nails will be soaked and buffed and the cuticles removed.

From then on it is a very specific procedure. A base gel coat will be put on the small finger of your right hand and then the finger has to be cured under a UV lamp while the small finger of your left hand will get a layer of gel base coat. Next the gel base coat will be applied to the ring finger of your right had while the small finger of your left hand has to stay under the UV lamp.

This will go on until a layer of base coat and two layers of colour have been applied to every finger on both hands then both hands have to be put under the UV lamp to be cured for two minutes. A top/sealing coat will be applied as a final layer and a final two minutes of curing follow.

Afte that your nails will be cleaned with nail polish remover and you are ready to go! The nail polish is completely hard and you won't ruin your nails no matter what, no drying time!

This will last about 2 weeks and, depening on who skilled the salon worker was, it won't even chip. After two weeks you need to take it off as there will be quite a lot of regrowth.

This picture has ben taked exactly 14 days after I had it done. The colour was 'A good man-darin is hard to find' from OPI.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!



  1. oh wow, your manicure looks really good and the color is beautiful!
    unfortunately, i bite the crap out of my fingernails so i can never try out anything cute. ahh, fml.
    lovely blog by the way! i'm having a fun time scrolling through all of the pages. i'm officially suscribed :)


  2. You know you can buy your own nail gel nail-polish so than you can do it yourself but you have to buy a uv lamp unless it comes with one.