Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Nail Combo

I want to start a series on here that keeps me a bit on schedule with writing my posts!

After thinking a bit what it could be I decided to start a "Friday's Nail Combo" Series! This means that every Friday I will post what I have on my nails. Sometimes it will have been done in a salon and sometimes at home by myself. I think Friday is the perfect day to do this as I am usually in a good mood (it's the weekend) and I often do my nails o thursday for the weekend! As Friday is a casual day at the office, I usually go for bright colours and/or glitter.

I hope you enjoy this!

Fist Friday's Nail Combo: Essie's Jam n' Jelly, which is the perfect bright hot shimmery pink with a blueish undertone for this sunny weekend.

So long....