Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HAIR: How to get wavy curls with hot rollers

So, Saturday two weeks ago I filmed three videos in a row with my new camera. You can see, I got a little excited. One of those videos is how to get a wavy hairstyle with hot rollers. Hot rollers are usually used to get lift at the roots and quite tight curls. Nevertheless, if you roll the hair up differently, you can achieve a more modern wavy look.

The hot roller set I used is called "Nicky Clarke Hair Rollers" an is a compact set that I found in boots. I quite liked the price tag of it and that it was small, so I could even take it travelling.

Although putting them in takes a bit of practice, it did not take me more than 10 minutes for the first time. After that they need to be left in until completely cooled down which is about 40 minutes. What I like about this is that while they are in you can do other things such as get dressed, put makeup on, hover the house,... You get the drill. This would not be possilbe if you used a curling iron for example.

To see how I did it, watch the video below:

Hope you enjoyed this and see you soon!



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